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Nicky's Savory Travels

 Check out my love for traveling across the world.  From beautiful Castaway Island in Fiji to sailing & snorkeling in Port Douglas, Australia to riding up 14,000 ft. to Pikes Peak mountain in Colorado.

Travel Tips

 Learn how to find the best airfare deals, identify monies to save for a trip when paying the bills, applying for travel documents, safety tips for traveling alone, and many more.

Nicky's Savory Foods

 Come and visually sample a taste of savory foods from Thai chili-lime barramundi fish, buttery lemon Alaskan crab legs, herbed shrimp with southern buttery cheese grits.

About Me

I'm a novice food & travel blogger who is adventurous, fun-loving, free-spirited, a wanderer, dreamer, and writer whose has turned into a travel addict, possesses an extended palette for savory foods, and enjoys meeting beautiful souls who will connect me through a lifeline of unforgettable memories.  
Thus far, I have traveled to 18 countries, 4 continents, and 39 states.  I am on a continued quest to share my travel experiences with like-minded people who have a love for traveling, being open-minded to new experiences, and the willingness to learn about new cultures including the people and traditions held within.

Nicky's Recent Travels

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is one of the most stunning places on earth to capture landscape photography.  I've traveled to Iceland twice - once with my mom and the time was with my husband.  I've been to The Blue Lagoon twice, took in a food & walking tour, and visited an ice cave.  Learn more by reading up on my blog post under the "Travels", "Blog" section.

London, England

London is filled with so much European history and culture including art, fashion, entertainment, architecture, diverse people, and delicious savory eats.  It's a popular and bustling city in which taking a hop on/hop off tour is a quick and easy way to tour the city.  Learn more by reading up on my blog post under the "Travels", "Blog" section.

Aussieland "aka" Australia

In the Land Down Under also known as Australia, there are so many layers to unfold including an array of adventures, wildlife in the outback, beautiful landscapes, mystery, culture, food, and the performing arts.  My husband and I traveled to Sydney, Ayers Rock, Cairns, and Port Douglas.  Learn more by reading up on my blog post under the "Travels", "Blog" section.

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